Draw Shapes

Connecting Shapes

Double Tap To Add Text

Fill, Stroke, and Text Coloring

Copy and Delete Gestures

Pan, Zoom, and Clean Canvas

Line and Curve Arrows

Shape Stroke Type and Rounded Corner

Draw Many Connector Types

Draw Boundary Box

Draw Vertical Swim Lane

Draw Horizontal Swim Lane

Group Selection, Move, Copy and Delete

Group Vertical and Horizontal Alignment

Sequence Diagram

Sequence Diagram Head and Activation

Sequence Diagram Frame

Text and Annotate Gestures

Text Editing Markup

Text Alignment Markup

Text Class and Interface Markup for Class Diagram

Shape Library, Import from Gallery, and Replace Shape

Copy and Paste Group Between Files

Wireframe Object

Wireframe Lorem Ipsum


URL and File Linking (Android only)

See what you can draw with DrawExpress: Examples